Scentsy Mid Size Warmer

The Scentsy Mid Size Warmer is the ideal size for smaller shelf space, limited counter space or your desk.

The Mid Size Warmer is the perfect fit when you think the Full Size Scentsy Warmer is a little too much.

Additionally, Scentsy has created the Premium Design For The Mid Size Warmer whose impeccable craftsmanship, incredible attention to detail and outstanding design give you that little "extra bit" of beauty to enjoy.

The Mid Size Warmer Collection

Scentsy has developed your Scentsy Warmer to provide style and elegance to your home. The Mid Size Warmer is available in 3 collections, varying in many colors, themes and shapes:

Each collection provides a unique variety of styles varying in many colors, themes, and shapes that will compliment your taste and individuality.

Only 4 inches wide and 5 inches tall, the Scentsy Mid Size Warmer is a great gift idea for any holiday, occasion or celebration.

Simple, elegant, and stylish - Scentsy has produced a beautiful line of Warmers you will love.

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Leslie Long
Independent Scentsy Director