Scentsy Patriot Collection

The Scentsy Patriot Collection

As my husband and I are both retired Navy Veterans, I am proud to display the Scentsy Navy Warmer on my website for you.

The Scentsy Patriot Collection helps you pay tribute to our finest - the men and women of our Armed Forces! 

The Scentsy Patriot Collection features five warmers: One for each branch of the military service - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.

 Each Scentsy Warmer is customized with the military branch of service logo and design.  A portion of the proceeds from each Warmer sale from the Scentsy Patriot Collection benefits the military and their programs.

 Do you know anyone currently serving in the military or has served in the past?  Why not show your support and present them with a Scentsy Warmer

Our troops are sworn to support and defend our freedom each and every day.  Our job is to remember.  Pay tribute today.

How To Buy Your Scentsy Patriot Collection Warmer

Leslie Long
Independent Scentsy Director

 Scentsy Patriot Collection - Video