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Scentsy Warmers - Scented Candles Hand Crafted Artistic Styles and Beauty

Scentsy Warmers, the hottest new scented candle without a flame - it's flameless, it's wickless - it's Scentsy!

Scentsy Electric Warmers are hand crafted, and glazed with innovative, artistic styles and designed to fit everyone's taste. The Scentsy Candles beautiful decor is a perfect fit for any room, office, or occasion.


In addition to the beautiful product line,Scentsy has created the most phenomenal fragrances in their Scentsy Bar Wax collection. Scentsy Electric Warmers are the perfect alternative to scented candles.

Persons who haven't heard of Scentsy ask the question, How does Scentsy Work? Because Scentsy doesn't use a flame, the wax is warmed to a lukewarm temperature by a 25-watt light bulb.

This design makes your Scentsy Candle completely safe around your kids and pets.

The Scentsy Warmer is safe and much better for the environment and your health as well; no soot, no flame and no fire and safety hazards. Just a beautiful fragrance that you will enjoy!

There are many different Scentsy Candle Warmer sizes and styles; Premium Full Size Warmers, Full Size Warmers, Premium Mid Size Warmers, Mid Size Warmers, Plug In Warmers and many collection styles to choose from.

Twice a year Scentsy releases their new product line for the upcoming season.

Scentsy Warmers Price Comparison To Traditional Scented Candles

When comparing the cost to the traditional scented candle, you will immediately see the tremendous savings over a 12-month period by purchasing a Scentsy Warmer.

  • Scentsy Warmer: $30.00
    Scentsy Bar - (12) Bars: $50.00 (1 Candle Bar Per Month)
  • Competitor Jar Candle: 12 (1 for each month) x $18.95 (16oz) = $227.40
  • Jar Candle $227.40 – $80.00 Scentsy = $147.40 Scentsy Savings!


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