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scentsy scentsScentsy Scents and fragrances are the passion that drives the Scentsy fragrance product line. Perfectly blended, Scentsy understands how fragrances have the ability to invigorate the scents, memory and mood.

Each Scent is the result of detailed research and testing - part art and part science, that translates into perfected ingredients.


You can find your favorite fragrance in one of the following collections: Favorites, Corner Café, Spring and Summer, Scentsy Man, Romance, Spa, and Seven Seas - click here.

Take a look at our different Scentsy fragrances and products.

Scentsy starts with several types fragrance oils:scentsy fragrances

  • Essential oils
  • Absolute oils
  • Synthetic oils

Scentsy fragrances are created with three different notes:

  • Top notes give a fragrance its initial impact
  • Mid notes are the heart of a fragrance
  • Base notes create longevity

scentsy scent

There are over 2,000 to 5,000 different ingredients used to create fragrance formulas, blended with the three fragrance notes, every time you open a Scentsy Bar, you will enjoy the wonderful fragrances of your Scentsy Scents.


scentsy 3 pack barWith over 80 Fragrances to choose from, you will find the scent that is perfect for you! Each Scentsy Bar is outfitted in a pre-molded container that contains eight squares.

Working hard to create new and enlightening scents for you, each month Scentsy reveals a brand new Scentsy Scent of The Month and Scentsy Warmer of The Month

As a tribute to the new fragrance of the month, the scent and warmer of the month are on sale at a 10% discount off the regular price! 

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to experience the newest Scentsy Product line.

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Leslie Long
Independent Scentsy Director

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