Scentsy Bars

scentsy bars
Scentsy Bars, now in a brand new, larger container, are exclusively manufactured for flameless, wickless Scentsy Warmers and solely for every Scentsy Warmer.

The bars of wax are packaged in a plastic container with eight convenient dividable sections, so you can easily split the bars to be placed into your Scentsy Warmer or Scentsy Plug In Warmer.

Simply place one to two Scentsy Bar cubes of wax into the top of the dish on your Scentsy Warmer, turn on the switch, and start savoring the incredible fragrance. When you are ready to try a new Scentsy fragrance, just empty the warmed wax back into the Scentsy container. You can re-heat your wax over and over again for total of up to eighty hours per bar.


scentsy scentsA Scentsy wax bar is a small block of fragrant wax that comes in eight break-apart sections. Using a high-quality, custom paraffin wax blend selected for its superior scent loading capability; melting point and firmness, Scentsy produces some of the most vibrant fragrances possible. Scentsy manufactures all wax products at its headquarters in Meridian, Idaho.


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Leslie Long
Independent Scentsy Director

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