Scentsy Fundraiser

Scentsy Fundraisers The Fun Way!

The hottest fundraising idea in raising money for your favorite cause. Are you tired of conducting the same old fundraiser each year with not much success? A fundraiser by Scentsy will be the rising star of your event. Fundraisers with Scentsy products will provide you the quality and solid foundation to an extremely successful event.

A Scentsy Fundraiser is a fun, easy, and extremely profitable alternative. Thousands of organizations participate in fundraising programs every year and Scentsy Fundraisers are leading the way - the new and exciting alternative to the same old fundraiser. Studies show that the most successful fundraisers are built around product sales to family, friends, and neighbors, rather than sending children out to knock on strangers’ doors. Scentsy Products are the new household item.

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Because you are organizing an event, it's obvious that you are passionate about raising money for your cause. Well, so are we - it's our goal to help you exceed your goals by providing you the best fundraising product and outstanding support you need.

Fundraisers Are Perfect For:

Church Groups Boy Scouts Girl Scouts Cheerleading Squads
4-H clubs Gymnastic Teams Youth Sports Dance Teams
Pre-Schools Day Care Centers Schools Marching Bands
Booster Clubs Drill Teams community groups organizations

Two Types of Fundraising Ideas

Fairs and Special Events - You can have a fundraiser at your organization during a fair, special event or at your children's school by simply setting up a table with some catalogs and order forms. You take your customers orders and at the end of your event I will collect the order forms and order the products for you.

Traditional Door to Door - One of the most popular scentsy fundraising ideas is the community fundraiser. Your organization members visit the community and collect orders from family, friends, and neighbors. At the end of your fundraiser I will place the orders for you.

My pledge to you and your cause; I will help you every step of the way, from preparation to delivery, to ensure you are comfortable, confident and ready to raise lots of money for your cause. I will provide you all the materials needed; catalogs, order forms, envelopes, and instructions. And, of course, I will be available to help answer any questions or handle any items that may develop. I will ensure sure that your event runs smooth and that there is minimal impact on you.

What do you get:

You will receive 25% of all the products sold - this is my commission to you and your cause. If your event produces $2,000.00 in sales (very easy to achieve), you will receive a check for $500.00 for your organization. If your event produces $4,000.00 in sales (very easy to achieve), you will receive a check for $1,000.00 for your organization.

Product shipping is free delivered to you for all of your customers to pick up and enjoy. If you are local, Virginia Beach, VA, I will have the products mailed to me and I will sort and inventory your sales by each customers order and deliver them to you for you to distribute. Products will be delivered to you approximately 2-3 weeks after the close of your event and all orders are entered in to the computer.

As a Scentsy Consultant Director am pleased to assist you with your program to ensure your success to ensure that all your needs are met.

Ready To Schedule Your Fundraiser?

Leslie Long
Independent Scentsy Director