What Is a Scentsy Party

what is a scentsy partyWhat is a Scentsy Party? A Scentsy party is the perfect opportunity for you to share your Scentsy experience with friends and family, while having fun and earning free Scentsy products at the same time.

There’s more than one way to share the Scentsy experience.

Whether you want to host a traditional party, host an open house, or invite your friends to do some online shopping, I have the perfect party style for you.

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Just choose a party format from the list below, pick a date, and invite a bunch of your favorite people. I’ll take care of the rest — product displays, samples, and party ideas! It’s that simple.


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What Is a Scentsy Party

Home Party

  • The Scentsy home party is an extremely simple and enjoyable way to share the Scentsy experience and earn free products and discounts. This is the type of party style that is perfect for your guests, whether they are already Scentsy fans or new to Scentsy. People have very different thoughts when it comes to style and fragrance, that is what makes a Scentsy traditional home party so much fun. Pass around and display the Scentsy Product line and share your guests reactions. A home party usually lasts approximately 1 to 2 hours. All you have to do to host a Scentsy home party is invite your friends, family and neighbors, and provide simple refreshments. I will take care of the rest for you. Sit back, relax and enjoy the fun of Scentsy while you earn free Scentsy Products.

Open House

  • Have your guests already heard about Scentsy? If so, then a Scentsy open house might be just right for you. An open house is typically a 2 to 3 hour show and your guests are invited to stop by your home at their convenience. As your Scentsy Consultant, I will set up a beautiful display and spend time talking with your guests. I won’t give a big presentation, but will answer questions and give several “mini” presentations as needed. Guests can check out the products and mingle at their leisure. A fun and enjoyable way to share Scentsy with your guests. It is the ultimate casual Scentsy experience.

Basket Party

  • A Scentsy basket party is the perfect party format if you are always on the go, can't quite fit a home party into your busy schedule, or your guests can't make it to your home. Bring the party to your guests and earn free Scentsy Products!  A Scentsy basket party is similar to a catalog party. I provide you with all the items you will need such as, order forms, catalogs, all the information you will need to know, and a basket that includes all the favorite scents. The basket is easy to take anywhere.  Although a basket party doesn't offer the full social experience of a home party, the Scentsy basket party is the perfect alternative for guests-on-the-go.  Just another great way to earn free Scentsy Products.

Online Party

  • This is the easiest Scentsy party. It is similar to an open house party but online. You just send out invitations to your family and friends via email, facebook, or text message, informing them you are hosting an Online Scentsy Party. I will set up your party on my website, then each of your guest can purchase the Scentsy items they want through your party on my website. Your guests are free to order at their convenience until the designated party closing time, and you earn hostess Scentsy gifts, too!

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scentsy home partyThe online Party Assistant!  When you sign up to host a Scentsy party, you automatically get access to the Party Assistant, the online party manager tool.

From this site, you can view Scentsy party training videos, generate all types of emails, from "Invite" and "Party Reminder" emails to "Thank You" and "Sorry I Missed You" emails.

Guests who aren’t able to attend the "live" party will be able to place their orders through this site. You will be able to track all the orders in real time. By working together and taking advantage of the Party Assistant, we will make sure your party is the best party ever!

Remember, regardless of the type of Scentsy Party you host, you will always earn free Scentsy Products. Click here for free product details.

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