Scentsy Candles

Scentsy Candles provide your home with wonderful fragrances, beautiful decor and safety.

Using scented candles can enhance the surroundings of your home, room or area. Various natural oils have been found to contain unique advantages for human well being and overall health.

A secret blend of superior quality ingredients is used to develop the melted Scentsy wax, which is converted into Scentsy Bars for your stylish candle warmer! Only the best fragrant oils produce top quality fragrance!

Exclusive Scentsy Candles

An exclusive candle wax warming system your candle warmer uses a 25 watt light bulb to gently heat the wax.

Scentsy bars last up to 80 hours and will never release the dangerous chemicals and toxins that you find in typical jarred candles.

Scentsy Candles have grown very popular and well known over the last several years. The fact is Scentsy has become one of the fastest growing direct-sales programs in the market place today.

Because Scentsy Warmers are extremely safe and energy-efficient, Scentsy flameless candles are a great alternative to traditional wicked candles.

There are many good reasons why owning a Scentsy Warmer is significantly better than a typical candle.

The single most important reason is value! Scentsy Electric Candles are appealing, created with the highest quality and fun!

Scentsy's beautiful candles make the perfect gift for every occasion; Christmas, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and every other occasion.

If you love candles, you will love Scentsy!

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Leslie Long
Independent Scentsy Director