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Scentsy - The Perfect Flameless Warmer For Your Home

Scentsy, the hottest new scented candle without a flame - it's wickless, it's flameless - it's Scentsy!


We provide you and your home with amazing products that you will love!

What Makes Scentsy Unique?

warmer and wickless candles and barsAs a flameless candle warming system, the Warmer is the foundation of the company Product line. Using a 25 watt light bulb, your Warmer is the safe alternative to lighted candles and open flames in your home.

Beautifully designed, the Scentsy Warmer and Bar fill your home with wonderful, enticing scents and fragrances while providing a lovely decorative Warmer to display.

In addition to being a wonderful addition to your home decor, it's the Warmers safety features that make it an incredible product; no soot, no toxins, no open flames.

Just a beautiful Warmer with an inviting aroma for you to enjoy. A new Warmer is featured each month as the Warmer of the Month.

To accompany your Warmer, Scentsy has created over 80 different fragrances in the scented bar product line. A new scent is released each month and is featured as their Scent of The Month.

Unlike traditional candles where the wax is burned into the air, our bars are lead and soot free.

Only the lovely fragrance is released into the air. You simply place one or two cubes of your bar in the Warmer tray and your Warmer slowly warms the wax.

Warm to the touch (lukewarm temperature) the wax will not burn - your Scentsy Warmer is safe around your children and pets. To learn how the Candle Warmers and scented bars work together click here.

The piece of mind from knowing that your children and home are safe from the harmful effects associated with normal candles is equally as wonderful as the highly scented experience you will get from Scentsy.

How Did Scentsy Get Started?

scentsy foundersWhat is Scentsy? In 2004, our company was founded by Orville and Heidi Thompson. What started as a very simple idea, Orville and Heidi established their first home office in a 40-foot ocean shipping container on their farm and began producing their products and sharing with their customers.

As of 2012, Scentsy has become a billion dollar company that received numerous awards, an Inc. 500 listing and has been deemed the fastest growing direct selling company in North America.

Scentsy Products

Authentic Scentsy Products are a decorative and safe, alternative to burning candles in your home.

With over 70 Warmers and 80 Fragrances to select from, you will find the perfect choose to fit your home decor keeping your home safe, elegant and fragrant!

Our product line includes the Premium Full Size Warmer, Full Size Warmer, Premium Mid Size Warmer and Plug In Warmer. We have also expanded the products by adding room sprays, Scent Circles, the Scentsy Buddy, and Layers by Scentsy.

Our company prides itself on being an industry leader and stands behind all of their products 100%.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact me immediately, we will give you a FULL refund within the first 30 days of your purchase.

As an Independent Scentsy Consultant Director, I am here to take care of all your needs.

If you have any questions or concerns about our products, hosting a party or fundraiser, becoming a Scentsy Consultant, or if you simply need help selecting the product that is right for you; please don’t hesitate to contact me today.  Or, give me a call at (757) 619-6064.

Would you like to be updated on our current specials and delightful products? Join my monthly newsletter by sending me an email with "newsletter" in the subject line and your name and contact info in the body if you would like to receive updates by mail as well. Your email with never be shared with a 3rd party nor will you be overwhelmed with emails from me.

Take a moment and view our new Scentsy catalog by clicking here to view our beautiful product line.  Your catalog will open in a new window.

Scentsy Makes The Perfect Gift.

Everyone I have introduced to Scentsy loves their products. There is something for everyone. Scentsy fits into anyone’s life and taste.

Scentsy is the perfect give idea. Stay ahead of your holiday and special occasion shopping and select the perfect gift for the persons you know.


Scentsy truly just makes scents.

Leslie Long
Independent Scentsy Director

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